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Continuous delivery to Kubernetes with Travis CI

Continuous delivery is a hot buzz-word in todays software world. Finding the right CI tool to fit your needs is not always easy. Travis CI might not provide you with a fancy UI or be as powerful as Jenkins, but it’s one of the simpler pipelines to setup, supports a lot of different languages and supports deployment to a variety of different services.

Running Redis Sentinel with Docker

So you wanna run a highly available version of Redis and you found Redis Sentinel. But you wanna test it out before you commit or just wanna get started in the easiest and cheapest (free) way possible.

Well using Docker you can have Redis Sentinel up an running in seconds!

How to setup a VPN connection from inside a pod in Kubernetes

So your corporation want to move an application inside your awesome cluster, but the application requires access to another network. So how do we setup a VPN client from our docker container running in our Kubernetes cluster? I’ll explain how I managed to setup a point-to-point connection from inside a pod in Kubernetes using OpenVPN and a little scripting.