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Continuous delivery to Kubernetes with Travis CI

Continuous delivery is a hot buzz-word in todays software world. Finding the right CI tool to fit your needs is not always easy. Travis CI might not provide you with a fancy UI or be as powerful as Jenkins, but it’s one of the simpler pipelines to setup, supports a lot of different languages and supports deployment to a variety of different services.

Publish an Angular app to GitHub pages

GitHub Pages is a service from GitHub that allows you to host a website related to your individual projects or your user account itself. This post is going to explain how to use the former one to deploy an Angular application build with the Angular CLI (@angular/cli). First from you local machine and then from Travis CI.

Using local NPM package on open source Travis CI

When creating software with multiple contributors I find it utterly important to have a continuous integration server running at all times. It makes the health of a project very visible if combined with badges…